بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“Ummi (mother), I asked ustaz (teacher) that day about my friends. How come they sin but I don’t see Allah punishing them…”

“What did he reply you?”

“He asked me to ask them whether they pray tahajjud. Why?”

“Uwais, what kind of punishment do you expect? Isn’t it enough of a punishment for a believer that Allah did not honour them with His remembrance? When he did not invite you by waking you up in the middle of the night to be in His presence when everyone is asleep?

Uwais, you complained about not being able to be consistent in reading the Quran, review what you have done. Look at your deeds.”


Sleep Well, Love

He drags his feet to his bed. Although he just took a shower, his eyes is already half closed.

“Don’t forget to read the prayer, Uwais..”

Head on pillow while reciting the prayer to sleep outloud for me to hear “اللهم باسمك أحيا وأموت” (In your name, O Allah, I live and I die). And as if on cue, he slept.

He slept soundly. He worked hard today. Perhaps everyday. I don’t want to sound like a mean mother that fills up her child’s timetable with all sort of classes….but perhaps that is the best for him.

Have you ever noticed? The ones that worked hard are most probably the ones that will easily sleep at night. Tired.

Uwais, may you work hard in this life for the hereafter to be able to sleep and rest well in your grave bed too. 💗


ففروا إلى الله

“Ummi…pain…” Uwais complained to his mother and was showing his leg.

“Come. I massage you.” His mother replied.

Uwais walks over to his mother limping a bit. His mother massages him till he fall asleep.

When he woke up he said “Ummmiiii… Uwais sorry….”


“Uwais didn’t listen to Ummi. Uwais ran when Ummi said don’t run but Uwais ran. Then Uwais fell.”

“Then in the end complain to Ummi pain?”

“Heh” Uwais hugs his mother. “It is like magic. Ummi massages Uwais, so now Uwais not in pain anymore.”

When he was sitting in his mother’s lap. His mother said while caressing his forehead, moving his dark brown hair away from his eyes “Uwais, why did you disobeyed me but you still end up coming to me to cure your pain?”

“Because…..you are my Ummi!”

Oh dear self, oh dear slave of Allah, regardless of how many times you disobeyed Him, go back to Him.