Language of the Heart

I can know you from your writings
Essays or poetries
Straightforward or longwinded
Simple or complicated

But we are not only papers or pens
Blogs or instagrams
Tumblrs or twitters
Ones or zeros

I understand you with the language of the heart
Unwritten and unheard of
Silent but loud
Subtle yet obvious

The way your cheeks flustered
The watery eyes that you tried to hide
The jumpy shadows following you
And even from your silent stares

Language of the heart
Is the language I understand you with


Midnight Breeze

Can you feel the midnight breeze?

Oh? I always thought it was the air from the galloping white horse
Riden by my white knight.
Oh silly me.
Perhaps I need some light to see clearly.
But I have been fooled anyway.
The darkness of the night
Together with the darkness in me had caused the blurness in my sight
To the extent that it had clouded my mind.
Oh how foolish was I.
To not even thought that was
Just the midnight breeze.


Un For Seen by purpleuniversiti

Un For Seen by a friend of mine. I love this so much because…i just do. #mylifestory. Click here to go to her blog!

I was walking ahead, so sure of reaching the goal.

Somehow I did not seem to expect meandering walkways and twisted turns.

I lost sight of the glimmering star of my goal.

But I know I could turn or walk a little more to make visible, that goal.

It is like the jolting of the car when it breaks too suddenly,

The perfect line that is disrupted by accidental crashing.

But I’ve forgotten that in the end,

The goal never moved and unchanged even with changing circumstances.

So my heart was shocked from the sudden jolt of reality.

The shock that impacted my emotional stability.

Such imperfections that came unknowingly.

But I understand I need to move anyway.

Life’s a rugged terrain,

There will be hiccups on your way.

Only positive perspective can mend the blocked view.

Into a wondrous beautiful and adventurous terrain.