Have anyone ever had those moments where you kept on thinking and thinking till thinking actually hurts? Almost like an overworked machine and you somehow tried to stop it but you can’t? But at least, it is better now. It used to be vivid voices inside my head. And in those days, there is such a thing as a voice call. So when the voices got louder, I’ll call her till I fell asleep. But things aren’t so simple now. Apparently all of us don’t hear each other’s voices over a phone call. We whatsapp now, most of the times, void of feelings. We hide our true feelings behind emojis. Everything is complicated now. It used to be just school. Now there is work, other relationships and other stuffs. Even people are not okay. Now everyone is tired. Isn’t that what everybody says?



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

People always assume. To be fair, perhaps they say something from their own experience or maybe it is just something that other people say to them, and so they believed them.

We all know there is a rukhsoh (a lighter method) in our deen, but sometimes I always see people using the rukhsoh before even trying to do the proper way.

Like how I was on a Singapore Airlines flight and I needed to do my prayers. We know that we must try our best in praying whilst standing, do proper sujud and rukuk, face the qiblah etc, if it is not possible then you are allowed to do the second best. For example, you can pray in your seat.

So the assumption was that we are not on a muslim country airline like Malaysia Airlines or Qatar etc, obviously people will assume that they wouldn’t allow muslims to pray. But hey let’s try? What do we have to lose?

The stewardess not only let us pray at the back of the plane, she wanted to put down a blanket to cover the ground where we wanted to pray and even closed the curtain behind us so people won’t walk in. 

And Alhamdulillah, we managed to perform our prayers while standing, do a proper rukuk and sujud while facing the qiblah.

But of course, the plane wasn’t in a turbulence or anything of that sort. Just ask away, insyaAllah things will be fine.

People also asked me about my hijab. “You used your 60” hijab to the office?” 

Yes actually. I actually wear what I normally wear going out. Abaya or a dress with my 60” inch hijab, just throw a blazer on.

The HR person don’t even bother to explain to me the dress code because she said I’m well dressed. I have lecturers in campus coming up to me and complimenting me on what I am wearing for my presentations.

And at that point, I realised that no one is going to deduct my marks for not wearing the normal pants and tucked-in dress shirt. And no one is going to penalised me for not wearing heels or (thick) make up.

And I go to business school where we have presentations for almost all the modules. And obviously, our presentations are important. They check skirt length, sock length, flyaway hairs, whether you iron your clothes properly etc. And I even sit for four months in the client’s office, together with my supervisor/boss/head. 

At that point I realised that people assumed that you cannot dress like that (dress/abaya+large hijab) to a non-muslim office kind of setting. But have they actually tried?

Or maybe…. I really got lucky? To be surrounded by nice people. Maybe. And I am ever grateful for the ease He granted in obeying Him. Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah.

The point is, just try your best to obey Him. Don’t assume before you try. After all, if you are doing it for Him, He got your back.

May He make it easy for us all☺️


Such is Life

(Continuation from the recent post: Believe)

And as you are reminded of the nature of life, in which you are constantly being tested, and perhaps there are doubts in your heart of the one giving you those tests, read on. 

The next two verses tell you that Allah had created the skies, with absolutely no faults and cracks. And then He questions: Can you find any cracks? And yet again, the next verse tells us to look again at the sky, are there any imperfections?

And somehow, whenever I look up at the sky, it reminded me so much of this life. 

On somedays, there can thunderstorms, there’ll be dark clouds. But on most days, you’ll see the blue sky, with its bouncy-looking white clouds.

The perfection of the sky includes some of the most magnificent view, such as during the sunrise and sunset. But it also includes some of the worst weather ever.

And such is life.


Much Love

You hurt me so much so that I need to put a funny emoticon as well as the heart emoticon beside your name in my phone.

So whenever you decide to call, I’ll remember how much joy and love you have brought in my life. 

And that, I hope, will make forgiving to be much easier to do.

I don’t want to lose you again…. but somehow, I did.


Hijab #3

K: So I have decided not to wear the hijab…. I think that I am not doing it for Allah. I am not a good person and so I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I feel like I am not reflecting myself and I am not staying true to myself….



L: I am sorry but I think I am not staying true to myself and I’ll be a hyprocrite if I don’t slap you. I need to do that….because it reflects what I feel inside. *walks away*


How many of us really act according to what is inside our hearts? Are we defining hypocrisy as how it is supposed to be defined?