The Love Series #11

Nad, you know what I miss most about her? Although we do a lot of things together, but I actually miss praying behind her.

Praying with the one you love to the one you Love. Can it get any better than that?



Cause Friends Stick Together <3

Don’t blame me
It is not totally my fault
You have the chance to go
But yet you stayed

Go as you please
While the opportunity is there
Cause i do not want us to be so attached And then blaming me for all the annoying sounds

It is because i care
And that i do not want you to be irritated
Cause i am hard to go by with
Cause i am difficult to talk with

I always nudge you at all the weird timings
Calling you and all i have to say is ‘Hi!’
We will start to laugh at this action of mine
Followed by only my voice and the giggling of ours

But then again…
I do not want us to repeat history
Separated by awkwardness and silence
While knowing deep inside we still cared

And so i take back my words
And i pray that i will behave
And i will try
And hopefully this time, it last