Why don’t you like cakes?

Well, I just don’t…..

Isn’t that just a proof that God exists? We are just wired somehow. No matter how great the human race has accomplished thus far, we can’t deny the fact that there is an entity that have created and shaped us cells by cells to make  us who we are today. It is just so amazing isn’t it?


Practicing freely

وما نقموا منهم إلا أن يؤمنوا بالله العزيز الحميد

And they ill-treated them for no reason other than they believed in Allah. Exalted in power, worthy of all praise. (85:8)

And what are my reasons for not practising islam properly?

Everyone will be tested. And it could be that my test is the fact that I am able to freely practice islam.

A blessing that can actually be against me. More of an ‘aib(flaw) if I don’t practise it ey?



Having good opinion of Him

My friend asked how am I feeling today. Because I fell sick (again) yesterday and so I borrowed her lap to sleep in the MRT for the whole 30+ minutes journey back home yesterday. Oh ya, then I almost fell because I can’t feel my right leg. My friend n my mum then supported me on my right and left side respectively till we were out of the ez-link gantry.

Woo. Drama 🙄

Many things happened today (as in yesterday, now is 00:07) 

From rushing to go to school, school’s computer not working well so I can’t print my slides on time, the lecturer let us go late so I managed to just eat a sandwich (that cost $3?!) before the next class, my hijab fell on the toilet floor when I was taking my wudhuk, so I went home to change although the plan was not to go home as I have a night class. 

So went home, got ready, did not have dinner, I ran ran ran till I was infront of the MRT. But the door just decided to close at that moment. And my heart sank.

Amazingly though, just as I was going to board the next MRT, the former MRT’s door opened. So I just ran in. Duh. MasyaAllah. Alhamdulillah

I reached class just as my teacher messaged me to enter the class if I have reached.

I replied my friend by telling her about my hijab that fell and she replied something along the line of:  It is okay, maybe if my hijab did not fall then something worse might happen.

I needed that.

Always have good thoughts of Him.

🌳Cute tree


Honour your Teachers

Neither the teacher nor the physician advise you

Unless they are honoured.

So bear your disease patiently if you have wronged its healer

And be satisfied with your ignorance if you have wronged a teacher.

Excerpt from the book ‘Instruction of the student. The method of learning.’ by Imam Al-Zarnuji. Chapter 4. Pg 14.


Ashabul Kahfi

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ashabul Kahfi, by Raihan

“Tercatat Sudah Dalam Sejarah

Tujuh Pemuda Yang Beriman

Melarikan Diri Kedalam Gua

Demi Menyelamatkan Iman.”

Jauh mana telah kau lari?

Tak ape tak tahu Apple Pineapple segala.

Allah tak tanye pun kenape tak tahu pasal bende viral.

Jauh mana telah kau lari?

Nak selamatkan mate, telinge dan lidah dari dose?

Cerite ashabul kahfi bukan sesaje ade dalam Al-Quran menjadi just another story to fill up the pages.

Jauh mana telah kau lari.



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I do not know in which class that I went to that I suddenly told myself to try to focus on my intention.

It. Was. Hard.

And it will continuously be hard. I know.

Firstly, the hard part is,well, because it wasn’t something that I usually do. So I forgot a lot, obviously.🙄

Secondly, forget about the sincerity of making the intention. I find myself struggling to find a proper intention. A legit intention.

Like okay I open my instagram and scroll through the pictures, what intention should I make. May I find something beneficial? I make the intention to relax for this few minutes and hopefully I’ll be more energetic after this? Hahahaahah. You are kidding yourself right.

Okay maybe that is okay afterall. (Depends who you are following. If you follow all those half dressed people and all the laghaa channel then erm?) But the problem is when I see myself doing something like that repetitively and well, I know I am kidding myself.

These are the times that I need to be sincere to myself. And if I know at the start that the intention is something that is against the rules set by Allah, then I need to try to abstain from it.

This. Is. Hard.

What is the intention behind me posting this post, a selfie, putting on makeup, going to work, going to class, wearing over the top dresses, talking to that particular guy and the list goes on and on……

Sometimes I find myself laughing at myself. (Niyyat kental ape ni….)

This. Is. Hard.

May Allah ease everything.


اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم