Maybe we have been around each other far too long and perhaps our soul kind of need each other.

Maybe it is not the people or the place. Maybe we are just missing each other’s company.

Maybe we just need to be like we used to be.

Maybe we need to be in the same school, same class and same tuition.

Maybe we need to buy two ice lemon teas and two paddlepops.

Maybe we need each other’s shoulder and lap to sleep on.

Maybe I need you to bring me snacks.

Maybe I need you to talk to me.

Maybe you need me to listen.

Maybe I took a piece of you,

And maybe you took a piece of me.

And that is why we almost always feel….like there is something not right.


‘Nak Jalan-Jalan’

Yes of course I am a little bit sad because….I chose to not follow them to buy things in JB because of some circumstances that I am in. But instead of being all sad, it is better to think of the people that had put up with me throughout this phase of mine. 

O Allah, make it just a phase that I am going through and take me to next phase as how I was suddenly brought into this phase. 

Okay so much for wanting to follow coz ‘nak jalan-jalan’, after all, bersiar-siarnye orang beriman adalah membuat ketaatan dan membaca hadith-hadith Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وسلم kaaaaan.

May Allah make us true believers♥️



The Love Series #10

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We are creatures that will search for reasons and meanings behind every single thing.

I remember scrutinizing every single word you used in your text messages. From your short forms and abbreviations. The languge and the style you used. I even zoomed in your display picture to read every single word in it.

Such was the past. Puppy love they might say.

There’ll be people who would laugh but yet understand this love- One of the signs of a lover is that he/she’ll noticed every single detail about the one he/she loved.

But how ironic.

There’ll be people that will belittle and question why there are narrations after narrations of how many white hairs are there when Rasulullah  صلى الله عليه وسلم passed away or what is it about that He used his left or right leg when entering a place. It was never just about going in with a right or left leg, it is that the one I love does that. And I want to do what my beloved is doing.

Such was the level of their love. It makes me questioned whether these people (who questioned these narrations) ever fall in love. Don’t they understand? 

And if I ever look back to the reason or meaning why Allah allowed me to fall in love with such a person, it could be this. It could be that when Allah allows my heart to fall in love, maybe it is to make me understand what love means.

As if making me to realize my false love to Rasulullah  صلى الله عليه وسلم. For how I can I say I love when I did not scrutinize him and his life?

And maybe that was the sole reason for loving this particular creation. 

Such was the past. Puppy love they might say.

And that was indeed a blessing.

اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله صحبه وسلم



What makes me happy?

Animals. Looking at animals. Touching them. Like purely happy that my friend even commented how happy I was then. Like beaming with joy.

If i could, I want to hug them, especially those furry ones.

But the situation is that I can’t have one as a pet at home. Sometimes I can’t touch it even if I have one.

Because apparently I have accidentally taken a monster as a pet.

It lives in my head.