Sometimes, it is not about those that were present in every anniversaries, every birthdays, graduations and all the big events in your life.

Well, they matter.

But sometimes, it is about those that were always present in every 3am breakdowns, every confused moments, every roller coaster ride (metaphorically speaking), every frustration and every teardrop.

You are lucky if there is even one around.

Keep them.



I am just that person that don’t like people to wait for me and would ask people to go first.

And I am also the one that will say to myself ‘See, you’ll never fit in. Who in the world will wait for you. Pergh.’


As much as I am used to it, there will be times that, you know, that feeling when you r weakness is staring straight back at you.

Turtle it is.

Turtle it is.

Slow and steady wins the race.