Taken care of

I just started crying, thinking about the fact that this baby and her mother I am looking at, is perhaps like me and Allah.

ولله مثل الأعلى

A baby, being a baby, can aimlessly go play with things that are dangerous. Or a coughing kid would want a cold drink.

The mum, being the mum, would obviously take the dangerous thing away from the baby and would not give the sick kid the cold drink.

And the baby and the kid would end up crying, throwing tantrums and stuff, not capable of understanding why the mother did what she did.

And sometimes you would cry your heart out to Allah wanting whatever that you ever wanted, not capable of understanding why He did what He did.

“His withholding from you is, in reality, a form of giving.”

He is taking care of you.

Husnuzzhann Billah.




Sometimes it is not necessarily because of one particular incident. It is not necessarily because of U. Most of the time it is because A B C D E F G………..Q R S T that happened before U came. And for whatever reason, U accidentally became the trigger point for the eruption of all those compressed feelings inside.

U are not necessarily the problem, or not.