11th Ramadhan 1438

I was at the second last row for taraawiih prayers and I was thinking to myself : 

You know what. It was too hard for you to join the jemaah for the past few years.

You’ll be anywhere at the back for now. 

But maybe, just maaybe, one day He’ll make it easy for you to be at the front row. Allahumma aamiin.


One thought on “11th Ramadhan 1438

  1. Reblogged this on Nadrah Naim and commented:

    How about now? May He always brings you back to His house.

    And in whatever situation you are in, a parent taking care of his children or a child taking care of his parents, perhaps sick or busy to make ends meet, may you always be under His Rahmah, Love and Protection. This is your Jijad now and the reward of you being patient of your situation might weigh heavier in His eyes. Have faith.

    May we always have good thoughts of Him.


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