Sleep Well, Love

He drags his feet to his bed. Although he just took a shower, his eyes is already half closed.

“Don’t forget to read the prayer, Uwais..”

Head on pillow while reciting the prayer to sleep outloud for me to hear “اللهم باسمك أحيا وأموت” (In your name, O Allah, I live and I die). And as if on cue, he slept.

He slept soundly. He worked hard today. Perhaps everyday. I don’t want to sound like a mean mother that fills up her child’s timetable with all sort of classes….but perhaps that is the best for him.

Have you ever noticed? The ones that worked hard are most probably the ones that will easily sleep at night. Tired.

Uwais, may you work hard in this life for the hereafter to be able to sleep and rest well in your grave bed too. 💗


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