People of the World #8

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I love her. And the ‘you’ in the home-sick post is actually her. I missed talking to her. Probably the few people I can just talk without thinking or feeling judged.

She is someone you can benefit and learn from. From her adab/akhlaq/manners in her speech and even in her silence.

Yesterday someone was talking to me randomly and all I can think of is how she is going to react to this.

She is a giver, albeit she don’t really have a lot. Just keep filling up the donation boxes, giving the random people on the streets that asked and spends on me too.

She is a great daughter, a wonderful friend and insyaAllah a great servant of Allah.

Always smiling, never complaining and always listening.


May Allah increase you in ranks, erase your sins, bless this friendship and gather us in Jannah. Allahumma aameen.


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