Surah Yusof عليه السلام

بسم الله الرمن الرحيم

Ustazah Suaidah mentioned something like if you ponder upon the verses of the Quran that you are reading, you will see that it will reflect your current situation.

I would backed that up anyday.

On another note, last monday, I was randomly feeling sad and was thinking what I should do about that feeling.

Was going through my head about the things that I heard from various talks and remembered that it was suggested that we read surah Yusof عليه السلام when we are sad.

But it was really late at night and I haven’t even finish my recitation for that day that I was suppose to read and its not like surah Yusof عليه السلام is a super short surah.

So anyhow I opened the mushaf to continue reading from where I last read. Jeng jeng jeng, next page is Surah Yusof عليه السلام.

Sometimes you are forced to practice what you learnt😅


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