Time check- 3.54am

Just finished doing house chores. (Obviously because I don’t have time during the day.)

1) I thought to myself, a decent person will eventually clean up a messy or dirty place. It is our nature as a human being that we love cleanliness. So what do you think happened to someone who refuses to clean his heart after knowing how dirty it is.

2) Although it is tiring at times to take care of a mentally challenged individual, it can be funny sometimes. I found her wallet in the fridge 😆

I guess it helped me to realize the fact that we don’t know what the other person is facing. We are all facing our own battles so be kind.

3) The normal working hours for an accountant/auditor in Singapore is well….basically your office is your second home. You know what, if I am going to work all day and night and do laundry after midnight….no thanks.


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