People of the World #5

On my left
She just pulled out her praying beads

Later on, at my 2 o’clock direction
The cute sister that I looked up to just pulled out her pink digital praying device

I was quietly laughing while reading Catatan MatLuthfi 🙊

It was sort of obvious that I somehow don’t belong there. Haru. Grateful to be able to be in the presence of those who, insyaAllah, remembers Allah abundantly.

May Allah make us to be around these people and may He make us one of them.

اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم


Dalia Mogahed’s Ted Talk

I didn’t just passively accept the faith of my parents. I wrestled with the Quran. I read and reflected and questioned and doubted and, ultimately, believed.My relationship with God — it was not love at first sight. It was a trust and a slow surrender that deepened with every reading of the Quran. Its rhythmic beauty sometimes moves me to tears. I see myself in it. I feel that God knows me. Have you ever felt like someone sees you, completely understands you and yet loves you anyway? That’s how it feels.



My friend apparently named herself Ummu Hurairah. (Meaning: The mother of cats)

I went out with her the other day. And I happily showed her the cat food I brought with me. (It was unintentional, just in case if I find any hungry stray cats)

But instead, I told her ‘Hey I brought this with me so we can use this to lure in Abu Hurairah’ (The father of cats)

*Death stare alert*





I think being busy solves a lot of problems.
Just make yourself busy.

Busy with school
Tutorials, presentations, tests, projects, forum discussions.

Busy trying to lead an active lifestyle
Badminton, roller blading, gym.

Busy with extra classes
Hadith, syamail.

Busy with work
Teach, teach, teach.

Busy with contributing back
Teach, mentor.

And do it for the right reason.
Do it for Allah.
InsyaAllah all the things above is as if ‘I am busy doing things for Allah’

Semoga hatimu pulih sayang.