How Should He Deal with You?

What do you think of a child that leaves his mum or dad in an old folks home?

Rude? Ungrateful? Should he be jailed? Fined?

Especially if he is physically, mentally and financially stable. He just don’t feel like taking care of them. What should we do to that child? Tell me what will you do that child?

The mum/dad (especially the mum) had sacrificed so much for the child. They had given him so much.

How ungrateful right? Don’t you feel like smacking the child? Put him in jail? After all those years nurturing that child he just leave them. How absurd.

وللّه مثل الأعلى

And you?

You are physically, mentally and financially stable yet you ignored the one who created you and had given you life. You just ignored His laws which are all for your own benefit and live ‘your’ life in His world that He created with the body He gave you breathing in His air.

What are you? Is your heart alive?

How can life be just eat, drink, sleep and reproduce? Then there is no difference between you and an animal. No wait. Even they are better since they are continuously making tasbih to Allah.

So you?

How should He deal with you?

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