People of the World #3

“You used to go to this school right?” The auntie suddenly asked me when I was buying food from her.

I politely smiled. I chuckled a little and replied “Yes. But now I’m in university, not in this school anymore. You still remember me?”

“Of course. You wear the hijab, if God wills it, I’ll remember you.” She continued on saying “You look thinner. Are you stress?”

I do not know if I looked thin because I was wearing my clothes instead of my mum’s (I usually just wear her stuff which might be the reason why I looked a bit more ‘heavier’. Heh) but I didn’t argue and just smiled back and nodded back at her.

She advised me “Don’t be stress and do a lot of zikr! (remembrance of Allah)”

“Please make dua for me, Auntie.”

What a beautiful advice.

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