Hijab #2: Themed Weddings

“I need to find a red dress for my friend’s themed wedding. Will you accompany me tomorrow to find one?” My sister requested when she entered our purpled-ceiling room.

“Pergh. Why red?” I replied.

She shruged her shoulders saying “Well it is her wedding….up to her then.”

I randomly had an idea “Hey why not you wear orange?! Come on! I thought you liked being different!”

“No! I’ll stand out like a weirdo! People will think I’m colourblind”

“Do you honestly think everybody will wear red on thay day?”

“Most probably. People would rather blend in rather than stick out. Besides it would be weird if you are the only one that is wearing other than red….and I guess in a way if you follow the theme, it is like you are respecting the invitor’s wish.”

“Kakak! (Sister!) I am going to have a themed wedding! If I get married hahah”

“What is the theme?”

“Ok it is not really a theme but a dress code kind of wedding. The dress code is that all women must cover their aurah. (ie parts supposed to be covered according to islamic teachings) Like specifically put in the minimum length of the hijab, the dress must surely be loose…..if they don’t….ermm…then they won’t get access into my wedding. Okay no they still can get in….hmmm let me think about the getting in part.”

“Who in the world do that? And what makes you think they will follow your dress code?”

“Who in world make all their guest wear red like your friend?! Come on….They will! Believe me. People would rather blend in rather than stick out. Besides it would be weird if you are the only one that is not wearing hijab when the rest are. Wink wink”

We didn’t say much after that.

Before turning off the light to go to bed, my sister suddenly said “Hey, maybe to deny entry if they don’t follow the dress code could be a good idea. Like how some restaurants won’t let you in because you are wearing slippers. Yeah….could be a reminder too…”

“What reminder?”

She looked at me with her tired smile and said “A reminder that we could be denied entry to heaven for disobeying His laws”

“Okay then….can you help me out? Any of your friends are single? I need a husband-to-be to carry out my idea.”

“Go to sleep!”


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