People of the World #1

Perhaps she was one of those people that Allah sent as a reply to my prayers. The last few weeks, I struggled with the feeling of not being with the people I would feel comfortable with. The kind of people I’m ‘clicked’ with.

It was december the 5th. I was late for the maghrib congregational prayer. So when I was wearing my sock and prayer garment, she asked me whether I would pray together with her. Why not right?

First slap to me was when she was using the siwak before leading the prayer. I was like “hey minah, siwak kau mane?” (Where is your siwak?). It is recommended by the way.

Second slap to me was when in the middle of the prayer I asked myself “Is she crying?”


We rushed back to class afterwards. Then when ‘Isyak came. I was late again, but not as late as before. The congregation was in the first unit of prayer or so.

While I was searching for a place to join in the congregation, it seems like I cannot join in at both ends of the rows of prayer.


I turned and there she was again. We smiled to each other then make our line behind the congregation 😀

At the end of the class, she approached me and we asked each other our name.

Sometimes I hope these people would make a prayer for me in the middle of their dua. Something like ‘Ya Allah, that girl I prayed beside with, forgive me and forgive her too, bless me and bless her too, grant me Jannah and grant her Jannah too, grant me the opportunity to see you and grant her the opportunity to see you too’ Allahumma aamiin.


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