Seeking Knowledge

I think Ustadh Usama Canon is usually in Singapore in December-ish period. If I am not wrong. Because I always remember not able to go for his talks because I am having my exams.

But this year, one of alter ego snapped at me.

While I am complaining to myself why his talks AND my exams are in December, nagging to myself I missed out etc the alter ego suddenly said something like: “Isn’t the book(referring to school book/notes) in front of you knowledge?”

Why the separation of ‘islamic’ and ‘non-islamic’ knowledge when all of it is indeed knowledge? You studied ‘non-islamic’ knowledge about ‘non-islamic’ finance first before you realized something was ridiculously wrong with it and then go study the ‘islamic’ side of it? No? Pergh. 😪

A few weeks ago (months ago?), I fell asleep on the sofa while I was studying. In my sleep, I saw that I was sitting on the sofa with my uncle beside me. He then asked me “If you are studying for Allah, why the lack of enthusiasm?”

Terus macam *sila sepak diri sendiri*

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