I was spamming my cousin with my pictures because she said she don’t want to look at my face.

So i kept sending her till she actually responded “Motif?” (She meant ‘motive’)

I actually smiled at that statement, although it seems obvious that I was trying to annoy her, duh, her statement brought back the time when I actually asked myself “Why do you take a picture of your self?”

I would say I am glad my parents were against posting my pictures online, or else, perhaps, I might have? Hahaha.

At the same time, it is a reminder for me to ask myself. “What is your motive?” “What is your intention?”

In islamic ruling, there is this ruling called ‘mubah’, which basically means if you do it then it is okay but if you don’t do it then it is okay too.

But the devil, he will always try to make you leave your obligations and do something haram, if he can’t, he will make you leave the sunnah, if he can’t, then he will make you busy with the mubah.

There’s nothing wrong with mubah. In fact, a mubah can be a means where you will get a good deed if the intention is right intention.

But we forget. Always.

Multiple post with no real intention underlying it. So it became just a mubah.

And the point of the devil  to inspire you to fill up your time with mubah things is so you will leave other beneficial things to do in life.

So always ask yourself, what is my motive for posting this?


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