The Big ‘Oh?’

I met up with a sort of financial planner today.

Halfway through, I was explaining islamic finance stuff, the stand on insurance, which one is permissible for Singaporeans, why there is a different ruling in Malaysia (because there is takaful), the dintinction between halal and haram investments for muslims, briefly explained how zakat works and where the money goes to etc.

She then mentioned about a muslim friend having life insurance and all.

Interesting conversation.

She just knew that there is a distinction between what is halal and haram for a muslim even in our financial planning. Can’t blame her. She don’t really have to know after all. Okay perhaps she needs to if she is selling insurance and is planning for a muslim client.

It’s okay if you don’t know. Many muslims don’t too.

I hope that as a practitioner, perhaps when she is meeting up with a muslim client, it will be something that she will bring up. Perhaps like a ‘hey, you want to check with a specialist in the islamic finance to see if this plan is permissible for you?’

I hope so. I hope.

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