The Love Series #3

I have lose count, okay?
Everytime I say “This is it”
“It is time to forget”
Yet you magically appear again
Perhaps it was my fault
Perhaps it was always obvious
People knew
So even though I tried to forget you
People will push you into my face
Although I have declared it outloud too
“This is it! I am going to distance myself away from you!”
“Listen people! Help me to stay away!”
Yet there you are again
I have even tried to love another
Perhaps even way better than you
But then I keep seeing you
Remembering you wherever I go
Somehow you are that popular
That somehow, you just pops around in my life
It is like there are pictures of you
People talking about you
And it hurts me
It hurts me to be in need of furthering myself from you
From the sight of you and even the slightest hint of you
I love you
For my own sake
Please leave me alone

Ice Lemon Tea
Please stay away from me…


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