The Love Series #2

“Ummi! Ummi! (Mum! Mum!) Why is everyone queuing here?” Uwais asked when he saw the long queue.

“We will be walking there, you’ll see the start of this line okay?” His mum replied.

After walking for awhile across the road from the line, he asked “Ummi, did they camp out here? How come there are tents here?”

His mum chuckled “Yeah son, yeah”

When they turned, he saw the store sign where the queue begins and exclaimed “Apple? They just wanted to buy apples? We have a lot at home. We can give them some….”

She smiled at him “No son. It is a phone. They are queuing for the new phone”

“Really? How long have they been here?”

“Some one week I think..”

Uwais gasped and exclaimed “For a phone? But there are other phones out there”

We will always forget the hardship we need to go through to get what we want. And sometimes it even feel good when we do it. If you really want something. If you really love something. Like how you stayed so long yesterday night to finish the lego set.” She explained.

He giggled showing off his two canines. “But I did a good job, Ummi. I want to finish it on time so I can show Abii (Dad) when he come home later. Are we fetching him at the airport later?”


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