Midnight Breeze

Can you feel the midnight breeze?

Oh? I always thought it was the air from the galloping white horse
Riden by my white knight.
Oh silly me.
Perhaps I need some light to see clearly.
But I have been fooled anyway.
The darkness of the night
Together with the darkness in me had caused the blurness in my sight
To the extent that it had clouded my mind.
Oh how foolish was I.
To not even thought that was
Just the midnight breeze.


Get Married

Scene 1:

Brother: Should we get a turtle?

Me: No!

Brother: Why not?

Me: Because I cannot hug it.

Mother: Go get married so you can hug.

Me: ……

Scene 2:

Me: Mother, why am I small? (As in underweight thin)

Mother: Go get married, you’ll gain weight.

Me: ……

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I was asking Him to lift the physical pain from you
Then I remembered what the family of Sayyidina Yassir رضي الله عنهم got
So I stayed quiet
Wrapped myself in His words instead
وما عند الله خير وأبقى
I just don’t know what to ask
So I just mentioned the name I called you to Him
That’s all I did


Thinking Too Much Again?

Can I charge my phone in school or in a mosque since my phone is for my personal consumption? Random thought.

If it is in school then I am only paying the school fees which only includes electricity for which I’ll use to facilitate my learning journey.

If it in a mosque, will donating a small amount be enough?

Do you remember the story of Khalifah Umar Bin Abdul Aziz? How he asked the light to be turned off (i do not know what kind of light was used back then. Candle light? Lampu minyak tanah?) when one of his family came into the office to talk to him. He did that as he do not want the state light to be used for his private talks.

Am I thinking too much again?


That ‘Regular’ Dude

(This is suppose to be a ‘story’ not a poem of some sort. But I don’t know why it ended up like this.)

There is this guy I know
A regular dude
Pray five times a day
His attitude is okay
I would say there is nothing wrong with him

But his family though
His family don’t pray
Overly reactive
Super bad temper
Bad language
If they want to just get mad at you, they will
And it will probably look like those scenes in dramas
It will be toooot tooot toooot toooot

So you see
He is not that ‘regular’
This is awesome
Come on, look at his background
And then look at him
This is like fuuuh

So when he got married
I was actually sort of going hhmm
As in hhmm ‘I want to know who is this girl’
I liked his wife actually

I got to know the guy saw the girl in a shop overseas doing her work
And he fell for her
I do not know exactly what happened
But basically his aunties that were with him helped him somehow
He go meet her parents
They are getting married
(Yeah like huh? Whut? Really?)

I had the opportunity to go out with her
All of us actually
She was also another regular girl
Pray five times a day
Wear the hijab

And then
When the azan ended and all of us were eating
I heard and saw her being the only one reciting the dua after azan
Only then I remembered to recite it

Then when we were going up to this place
Opening a door
She recited Bismillah
Only then I remembered Allah

Then when we were walking around
I heard some ‘hissing’ or a sort of ‘whispering’ sound from her
In which I assumed she is doing zikr
Only then I remembered Allah and do some zikr

I don’t really know a lot of people whose presence will help me remember Allah
So this girl here is not that regular in a way
She is also awesome

May Allah bless your marriage!

الله أكبر!