May your Knowledge Benefit Me

Purpose of this entry:
1) I love this friend
2) She loves me (chey perasan)
3) Just to remind myself of the times we spend together

What you should take away from this entry is that:
1) You should choose your friends wisely. Some of the traits are:
– Continuously seeking knowledge and attending classes, especially religious knowledge (I ended up in the class because I was tagging along my friend)
– Patience (In dealing with you and calling you to the deen)
– Sharing the knowledge she/he has
– Super good attitude (Not in entry but her akhlaq was on point man)
– Try to pray on time

2) Make a lot of supplication to Allah ‘azza wa jal

3) Cannot be shy in irritating your friend to teach you. (Perangai selambe tak tahu malu)

One of my friends, that I can be annoying and cute with, is pursuing a degree in Quran and Sunnah. Of course when I know this Im like *make sly face*

This is awesome news! I can continue being annoying as I am and asked her a lot of questions regarding Islam. Because even if she do not know she can ask her seniors or lecturers etc. Haahaha. And of course, during school breaks I can annoyingly asked her to teach/share me what she learned.

One time, when she was beginning her course of study, I told her she must whatsapp me every night and share with me anything she learned that day. She didn’t promise though.

Of course she didn’t whatsapp me everynight! Hahahah. But I requested her something like whenever she is going to study, pray to Allah that somehow I am going to benefit from it and going to know about it, regardless whether if it was from her or other people. Allahumma aaamiiin!

Alhamdulillah during our free time that one time, we met up and she brought her notes to share with me. Heeeeeeh.

So we just hang out at a mosque’s study (Masjid Kassim) area. The mosque is near to a lot of eateries so it is good, just in case we gt hungry. On top of that, we can pray in conregation.

I guess being in an academic stream now, although it is still knowledge, somehow I kind of feel left out on a lot of things regarding the deen (and mixing with awesome people). So she made me h-a-p-p-y by just sharing (and hanging out with me. Heh.)

To end our meeting on 9/2/15, I tagged along to a free class that she was attending and one of the topics that the ustaz talked about was the seeker of knowledge. Cool ey? Perhaps I’ll share this on another entry.

On a side note, on this day we found out that I prefer studying tafsir and she prefers studying hadith. That sounds like a good pair huh ~^O^~

Whoever you are out there, do make dua that your knowledge will benefit me somehow:) (see tak tahu malu) and of course, for the benefit of humanity and the ummah.

اللهم انفعنا وارفعنا وشرفنا بالعلم النافع وانفع به أنفسنا وأهلنا وأوطا ننا وديارنا وجميع المسلمين ، يا إله العالمين. آمين.

I count you as a blessing dear friend. A huge one. Alhamdulillah.

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