“A person is upon the religion, the way of life, of his friends”

I guess today I’m in deep thoughts about this.

1) Will someone cover for me?

If I fall, will there be a person to advice me?

Will there be a friend that will sit beside me and say ‘hey…you know about what you did….’

Will there be someone that will keep bugging me, patiently, persistently reminding me personally



Am I that friend?

Will I try to be that friend?

What kind of friend am I.

2) Flawed

And I guess I reflected upon my way of life.

I said to someone before something like “I do not need to meet your friends, but I know the way they would speak by the way you speak”

Birds of a feather flock together
So I just look into the mirror
Analyzing my reflection, trying to see
Whether the sins of yours is also in me

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