Giving up Movies (or Going to Movie Theaters)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم

There are a lot of ways to entertain yourself. No? That is why all of us have different hobbies. One loves to read (me!) and one loves to do maths for fun (me!)

I forgot what triggered it in the first place but regardless of the sequence I am listing it down here. May you readers benefit from it.

1) Death. I sat in a movie theater and then suddenly have the thought of death *I do not want to die in here O.O *

2) Unbeneficial ie laghaa. I guess lifestyle played a part too. Because something hit me inside and I felt that my life had been filled with too much unbeneficial junk that I need to remove it as much as I can. Sebab nak jadi baik kene buang yang keruh dulu. Then ambil yang jernih. Sebab dah teruk sangat lah nak jadi baik. Doakan.

I know what you are going to say. Some movies are beneficial! I agree. Here I would say it depends on the movies of course. But for me, being me…I know who I am and I know the situation I am in. I am a muslim and I felt guilty because there are other more important lessons from the Quran that I have not even try to study or benefit from. Not only Quran, but Islam as a whole. And I guess because I love reading therefore reading the books of tafsir or biographies of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم or the companions was considered entertainment to me. Thus why choose junk over jewel right? Pergh Nadrah.

And anyways I ain’t a kid so I expect more from myself. Sometimes yes you may watch, all the time no.

3) Wasting your time. There are other more beneficial things you can do. Really.

4) Money. Save that money for books Nadrah! I love books!

5) Unintentional Sins of the Eyes? Here, firstly, I would divide movies into two categories : Cartoons and Non-Cartoons.

I have no issues with cartoons. With non-cartoons is well hhhmm. Let us all be truthful, what are the chances that there will not be unappropriate scenes and or/vulgarities used?

Apart from that I guess I was thinking the permissibility of me watching because there is a 99.9% probability that I will see the aurah/aurat (ie parts I am not suppose to look according to islamic teachings) of another person. The aurah of a women to another women is from the navel to the knee (the knee not inclusive) And perhaps I was saying to myself enough that I need to endure looking at it when I am outside, seeking knowledge or just buying the groceries. Isn’t that enough? Because I am in a public school so erm you get what I mean? Take care of your sight as much as you can ey?

As you can see I wrote ‘thinking of the permissibility’ ie I do not know. As you can see as a community we all still watch TV. No? Ustaz or non-ustaz still watch movie right? Based on intentions too I suppose?

But regardless, there are still other reasons to stop watching and other more beneficial things to do.

As a human being though, it is tempting sometimes. My last movie was Frozen, the ustaz that was at my house also watched it till the end before going. Oh how cute right? (Yes I waited until the DVD came out)

Apart from that, I am not fond of the idea that people watch movies to bond with each other. I would suggest to just go dinner and talk to each other. Okay?

For you is your opinions, and for me is my opinions 😉

May Allah make us better slaves and live the lifestyle similar to the lifestyle we have during ramadhan [you don’t go to movie theaters during ramadhan right? 😉 ]



“Describe me.”


“Hah! Okaay.”

“Hahaha. Describe me.”

“The husband to the weird wife. Heh”



Instagram Rants

What if I told you
This instagram was made because of you?

I thought you would have realized by now
Creating a social account without a valid reason is something I wouldn’t allow
And I know myself better
This account will probably be a time waster

Please wake up my dear
I was just trying to play ‘police officer’

I was thinking that you would have the decency to not post it out there
You and him, you and her or whatever
That is between you and God
But at least do not expose it to the crowd

And about those pictures you liked
I totally disliked

Please stop
Please just stop

I love you
I just love you


May your Knowledge Benefit Me

Purpose of this entry:
1) I love this friend
2) She loves me (chey perasan)
3) Just to remind myself of the times we spend together

What you should take away from this entry is that:
1) You should choose your friends wisely. Some of the traits are:
– Continuously seeking knowledge and attending classes, especially religious knowledge (I ended up in the class because I was tagging along my friend)
– Patience (In dealing with you and calling you to the deen)
– Sharing the knowledge she/he has
– Super good attitude (Not in entry but her akhlaq was on point man)
– Try to pray on time

2) Make a lot of supplication to Allah ‘azza wa jal

3) Cannot be shy in irritating your friend to teach you. (Perangai selambe tak tahu malu)

One of my friends, that I can be annoying and cute with, is pursuing a degree in Quran and Sunnah. Of course when I know this Im like *make sly face*

This is awesome news! I can continue being annoying as I am and asked her a lot of questions regarding Islam. Because even if she do not know she can ask her seniors or lecturers etc. Haahaha. And of course, during school breaks I can annoyingly asked her to teach/share me what she learned.

One time, when she was beginning her course of study, I told her she must whatsapp me every night and share with me anything she learned that day. She didn’t promise though.

Of course she didn’t whatsapp me everynight! Hahahah. But I requested her something like whenever she is going to study, pray to Allah that somehow I am going to benefit from it and going to know about it, regardless whether if it was from her or other people. Allahumma aaamiiin!

Alhamdulillah during our free time that one time, we met up and she brought her notes to share with me. Heeeeeeh.

So we just hang out at a mosque’s study (Masjid Kassim) area. The mosque is near to a lot of eateries so it is good, just in case we gt hungry. On top of that, we can pray in conregation.

I guess being in an academic stream now, although it is still knowledge, somehow I kind of feel left out on a lot of things regarding the deen (and mixing with awesome people). So she made me h-a-p-p-y by just sharing (and hanging out with me. Heh.)

To end our meeting on 9/2/15, I tagged along to a free class that she was attending and one of the topics that the ustaz talked about was the seeker of knowledge. Cool ey? Perhaps I’ll share this on another entry.

On a side note, on this day we found out that I prefer studying tafsir and she prefers studying hadith. That sounds like a good pair huh ~^O^~

Whoever you are out there, do make dua that your knowledge will benefit me somehow:) (see tak tahu malu) and of course, for the benefit of humanity and the ummah.

اللهم انفعنا وارفعنا وشرفنا بالعلم النافع وانفع به أنفسنا وأهلنا وأوطا ننا وديارنا وجميع المسلمين ، يا إله العالمين. آمين.

I count you as a blessing dear friend. A huge one. Alhamdulillah.


Dad. Ayah.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم

One of the ustaz/teacher said in a gathering that we all watched malay drama so much until we think that our death will be easy.

Scene 1: Dying in bed, surrounded by close family members, relatives, loved ones etc
Scene 2: Ask forgiveness from close ones
Scene 3: Say laa-ilaaha-illa-Allah
(لا إله إلا الله)
The end.

When the ustaz said that. I was like wait, sounds familiar. Ayah. Dad.

About a year and a week before Ayah passed away, his mother, my grandmother, passed away. Then my mother said that he said something along the lines of ‘kesian mak, takde org teman’ (I pity my mum, nobody is there to accompany her)

On medical records, Ayah had stage 4 liver cancer. We found out 7 months after his mum’s death and the doctor gave him 6 months to live. But qaddarallah, he survived for five months or so.

24th November 2009
My brother was in the national service camp, but he requested to leave that night because my dad was not in a good situation. Alhamdulillah. He was able to book out of camp and came home.

It was night and me and my younger brother was just laying around in bed beside ayah. Then people started to come as my mum had contacted them- his dad (my grandfather), his brother, his bestfriend, his auntie, some of his brother-in-law and a whole lot of people came.

His condition was that he just lay in bed. After a few hours there, mum said he repeatedly said his syahadah. And then later on, my uncle came and guide him to say it again. Even though slow and in between breaths. He did. My older brother said he didn’t say anything after that. Just a long silence until he passed away(I was there but it was all fuzzy)

He also asked forgiveness from his dad and auntie. (Maybe a few more relatives that were there)

And He passed away on the morning of 25 November, 8 Dzul Hijjah in front of me and a room full of people he knows and I believe he loves and they love him.

End of story.

Ya Allah, forgive him, grant him the highest pradise and gather us together there with your companionship and the companionship of Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وسلم. Allahumma aaamiin.

I guess the man who sort of drilled at me even before seven that we will die with only our deeds and covering us is just white cloth was always preparing for his own.


You always say “Alhamdulillah ‘alaa kulli haal/Praise to Allah upon all conditions” even though something bad happened. And when I was younger I’ll just walked away thinking…whaaat…

You forgave and forgave people. Closed your eyes on debts people owed you, cheated you. You forgave them.

You didn’t lose hope on people. Even though with tattoos and piercings, you adviced them to remove the piercings and helped them out.

You were the one that read some ayats and rub my stomach when my tummy was in pain. You taught me to ask Him directly before relying on medicine, even though even medicine is from Allah.

You were humble enough, remembering that you were here to please Allah that even when I corrected you, you were smiling….even though some adults would disapproved or showed signs of displeasure.

You were always searching for knowledge and your religious teacher said that you were always the one who will reach first for class. And you were the joker in class, making people laugh.

…And making us laugh. Annoyingly disturbing me when I’m studying. Lay in bed with me when I annoyingly woke you up in the middle of the night because I’m scared. (Kental ey?)

اللهم ارحمه وعافه واعفو عنه ، واسكنه فردوسك الاعلى يا رحمن يا رحيم.

اللهم اغفرلي ولوالدي وارحمهما كما ربياني صغيرا.

On a side note, the mother of Habib Umar had also recently passed away.
اللهم ارحمها وعافها واعفو عنها ، واسكنها فردوسك الاعلى يا رحمن يا رحيم.


Edited: 12/06/15



“A person is upon the religion, the way of life, of his friends”

I guess today I’m in deep thoughts about this.

1) Will someone cover for me?

If I fall, will there be a person to advice me?

Will there be a friend that will sit beside me and say ‘hey…you know about what you did….’

Will there be someone that will keep bugging me, patiently, persistently reminding me personally



Am I that friend?

Will I try to be that friend?

What kind of friend am I.

2) Flawed

And I guess I reflected upon my way of life.

I said to someone before something like “I do not need to meet your friends, but I know the way they would speak by the way you speak”

Birds of a feather flock together
So I just look into the mirror
Analyzing my reflection, trying to see
Whether the sins of yours is also in me