And I Shield It All With Love

Shamelessly asking for your time
Deep inside I know I’ll be declined
Differences in interests make our meeting uninteresting
My awkward questions just make it obvious I am trying
Or perhaps we are just too similar
Like how two norths will only repel each other

I love you regardless
Your sarcastic comments that had made it through
But I know you never knew
Because that is you
At first glance it is like selfish
But maybe you are facing a hard time too
And it just that I never knew

I am not average by definition
I am not at par with your general population
I am not your favourite ‘hang around’ person
And certainly not your favourite person

I am not fine
And I will just be a waste of your time
Always in need of special attention
Creating unnecessary burden

But I love you regardless
And I will shield it all
With love


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