Things You Won’t Ask God

Dear God
Why do I have two functioning eyes?
And with it I see the beauty all around me
The sunrise and the sunsets
All the colors of the rainbow
So enchanting and magical
Life doesn’t need to be colorful

Dear God
Why do I have many taste buds?
I am able to taste sweet chocolates and different fruits
Strawberries, cherries, watermelons and all
Sour lemonades and salty popcorns
Yummy chips dip in spicy chili sauce
Food doesn’t need to be tasty

Dear God
Why do I have a roof over my head?
No rains, thunderstorms, bombs or rockets
Dry and warm
And I have a comfortable bed that I can literally jump in
I do not have to worry that a bug might crawl into my nose or ears
Safe and sound

Dear God
Why do the systems in my body work perfectly?
The respiratory, nervous, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic
Muscular, reproductive, skeletal, urinary and did I miss any?
It even works when I sleep!
And I don’t even need to think through the steps to move my fingers,
It just happened!

Dear God
These are some of the questions that I never asked
Ignoring all these blessings all along
I hardly ever thank you or praise you
How ungrateful

Dear God
You have given me so much
And with Your gifts I use it to go against You
And You still showered me with Your love
Blessings after blessings
Chances after chances
But I know that day will come
Where I will stand in front of you
And I will be asked about the things I did
I remembered the sins I did
But I have forgotten much more

Dear God
I am your property
All of it
I accept myself as slave
But I need your help
I will only know if you teach me
I need an instruction manual
To please you

Dear God
Make me among those who have knowledge
And act upon it
Sincerely and wholeheartedly
Not those who misguides themselves and others knowingly
To only please themselves
Nor those who act in accordance with their desires unknowingly
To please you




Gifts All Around You!

How beautiful
You wrapped it with the brightest and vibrant of colors
From afar I can see it
You even scented it!
Citrus smelling!
Now in my hands
The wrapping has textures on it
You shouldn’t have
It wasn’t necessary, really
Peeling it carefully
Slowly putting it in my mouth
Thank You God:)

I am talking about an Orange:D

All fruits are like presents you see. A special one!
You know when you like someone and so the wrapping paper must be nice. And you’ll get the one that have textures which usually have a higher price and on top of that you put perfume on it. Exactly!


Conversation: Diseased

“You know those people who is suffering from a disease and have no means to pay for his surgery…..he’ll be soo thankful to be able to one day go for surgery. Like really happy even though he needs to be cut open, lose consciousness, go through all the pain after surgery and see the scar being left behind.”

“Because they know that they will be fine after all that”

“Your test will only get harder. A cure from that will only bring you to a harder test. And it can kill you before you face death…if you are not careful”

“Hey….have hope”