If I should have a child, I will remind him who he will always be

If I should have a child
I will tell him who he will always be
And I will tell him who He will always be
I will tell him, “Son, you are a slave. And Allah is your Master

When he is ill
I will tell him that your health is a gift
So do not grieve when it is taken away
But thank Him for all the days you are ok

And when it hurts him so badly
That in between sobbings he is asking Allah for his health back
I’ll put him in my arms and remind him again
“Your health is a gift”

And I will teach him the manners of Prophet Ayyub (as) when he is afflicted with harm
His dua was ‘Harm has afflicted me, and you are the Most Merciful of the merciful’
He didn’t even attribute it to Allah swt
Such was a humble slave

And when all else fails
And he is at his lowest
Heart not able to make sense of the world
When being thankful is almost impossible
I will say “At least be thankful for the fact that you know Allah is your master

But son, now you need to learn to accept that
And when you do
Everything makes sense
A master do not owe His slave anything


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