Al-Musowwir (المصور)

How amazing
Me and my mum
We have different set of every facial parts
But we almost look like identical twins
Only wrinkles set us apart


I have almond-shaped eyes
And it does not twinkle like hers
She has a wider set of those 
And I do not know why but it seems like mine had been drained away
Of something so precious

And maybe if i give you a set of both
You might mistaken mine as hers
And hers as mine
And I do not know why but it seems like
Mine has darker circles 
And more fine lines

I thought it was suppose to be the other way round…

How amazing
My brother and my dad
They look similar but not like twins
A sharp nose and straight sleek hair
Different skin colour but similar behavior

How amazing
Me and my brother
We almost look like identical twins
He got darker over the years though
Collected bruises, deep cuts from all of what guys normally do

And my skin is still milky white
Almost as if untouced by sunlight
Always hiding under covers
Unknown to people, undiscovered

But as much as we look alike
I am astounded
That people would say i look like my mother
And my brother looks like my dad
While my parents do not look alike

How amazing
Are these creations?

How amazing
Is Allah?

How amazing
Is Al-Musowwir? (ﺍﻟﻤﺼﻮﺭ)*

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If I should have a child, I will remind him who he will always be

If I should have a child
I will tell him who he will always be
And I will tell him who He will always be
I will tell him, “Son, you are a slave. And Allah is your Master

When he is ill
I will tell him that your health is a gift
So do not grieve when it is taken away
But thank Him for all the days you are ok

And when it hurts him so badly
That in between sobbings he is asking Allah for his health back
I’ll put him in my arms and remind him again
“Your health is a gift”

And I will teach him the manners of Prophet Ayyub (as) when he is afflicted with harm
His dua was ‘Harm has afflicted me, and you are the Most Merciful of the merciful’
He didn’t even attribute it to Allah swt
Such was a humble slave

And when all else fails
And he is at his lowest
Heart not able to make sense of the world
When being thankful is almost impossible
I will say “At least be thankful for the fact that you know Allah is your master

But son, now you need to learn to accept that
And when you do
Everything makes sense
A master do not owe His slave anything


Happy Birthday

Whenever you wish me Happy Birthday
By default، I will reply Thank You
Years gone by and I still answer you the same
One day i started to ask why?

Why a thank you
What is it that we are happy about
So I began to list things out
So it’s abit more…meaningful

Thank you
For reminding me of this milestone I have reached
To be reminded of what I have achieved
To make me look at all my wounds, bruises and stitches and remembered all those moments when Allah swt have helped and be thankful for it

Thank you
For making me think of what I have achieved in the last year of my life
And making me compare this me to the old me
And then only to realized I have not really improved

Thank you
For reminding me that I am nearer to my death
That each breath is only closer to my end
And that I have few more left

Thank you for making me feel the need to change and improve myself
Thank you for the well wishes for me and my family
May Allah grant you the same

Thank you