Love Always Wins

“Love always wins”

The sentence keeps spinning in my head.

And i thought you said you love Allah?

It seems like you love yourself.

Ignore your feelings.

Prove your love.

Your sacrifices all written down.

Your actions prove your believe of the hereafter.

Nothing will be left Unnoticed.

Or Unappreciated.

Allah sees.

Allah appreciates.

Allah loves.





Change- A note to self

When there is a goal. There must be a plan.

Dear Self, this is your step by step guide for you to change:

1) Intention and doa.
Only with His mercy that you are able to overcome your weaknesses and become a better person insyaAllah.

2) Get rid of the Filth.
If you are engaging in impermissible stuff. Stop it. Say ‘laa hawla walaa quwwata illaa billaah’. Seek help from Allah, and again, only with His mercy that you will be able to stop yourself.

3) Check your Prayer.
If you find number two hard, check your prayer because ‘prayer  prohibits  immorality  and  wrongdoing’ 29:45. And then improve from there.

4) Check the source of Food
And if it still does not work, check what you are eating. It could be as simple as whether it is literally haram or halal or the source of the money to buy the food.

And do not randomly attend a walimah when not invited and eat the food without permission. Check the card, if the card says husband and wife are invited and, strictly speaking, children aren’t, make sure you ask permission!

5) Be among Good People.

6) Make Small Goals and Maintain it
In terms of worship, make small goals and maintain it. Only after maintaining it for a while and you think you can carry on with it for the rest of your life, only then start on another goal.

Do not start big and overdo yourself and then poof. Start small ok!

Come what may, do not lose it.

*Learn more and apply!
Know the religion more. Get to know Allah better. Learn al-Quran. Learn about the galaxy, reproductive system, geography and be amazed! And btw, it is easier for syaithan to come and get you if you have lesser knowledge of the religion. You should know better by now.

* Doa!
Try not to make doa in arabic if you do not understand it. But try to understand the doas made by the Prophets(alaihim salaam) or the believers from the al-Quran. (When i say understand, it is to internalize it, understand the context and really understand it.)

Remember basic principles of starting a doa by praising Allah, read the asmaaul-husna if you can and ending it with salutations to Prophet Muhammad saw.

* Remember Death.
Do not believe that you are going to be back home in the evening when u go out in the morning. And do not believe that you have tomorrow to repent.

*To gauge whether you are getting better, is not just the amount of worship. Check your behavior and manners. Akhlaq. And focus on quality and not quantity.

Remember Akhlaq. Always remember akhlaq.


Note: This is just based on my experience and limited knowledge. Salam!


Manners of a Slave

Written together with the author of purpleuniversiti.wordpress.com

What is it with this slave
Always forgetting to behave
Basic akhlaq* to its master
He almost never master

To his doctor
He is always an abider
Taking their advice step by step 
Never ask why, never expect a mishap

But to Allah, his maker 
The Doctor of doctors 
He questioned His decisions 
He needed His explanations.

Is it not that faith,
Is believing that Allah knows best?
He has yet to learn.

This is a test.
He has yet to conquer.
To put his trust in his Creator