Pushed- edited version

I did not want to
But I was forced to anyway
Caught up in a situation
Which I put myself there in the first place
Now I am being cornered
There is simply no other way

In other words
I was simply pushed
Deeply hurt
It penetrates through this heart
No no wait,
It was as if pain was from within this heart

But I know

It was as if,
By pushing me
I was supposed to realize
Just how far i can jump

As if on a broken bridge
I was underestimating my strength
And overestimating the gap
Being pessimistic as i usually am

As if on the edge of a cliff
Like an eagle with a sharp vision
And powerful wings
I did not know they ever worked till then

And it was as if i was pushed so that this hope of mine shattered
To only making me see the light of another hope that i desire to see in my life

Too long in this dark tunnel
That glimpse of light just lift me up
From almost dragging to running
Really, there is hope

Now forget jumping,
Im flying


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