This is a script for my compulsory secondary four speech given during assembly back then.


I will start my speech with a text that I had recently received from a friend.

“I’m so tempted to do what my mum doesn’t want me to. Why doesn’t she trust me? I have no freedom. I’m jailed in my own house”

I replied: “When you’re a mum you’ll understand. Your mum gave you a handphone because you need it. She trusted you to use it properly, but have you really used it as she expects you to, or had you broken that trust?”

This is an example of trust and what the girl’s wants, freedom.
Everything happens for a reason, right? Sometimes we don’t get the freedom our friends have, but did you ever ask yourself why? Have you ever thought about what you might do to the freedom that was given to you?

Ask yourself:

1) if you live in a world full of freedom, no parents to tell you this and that, will you be able to differentiate between good and bad?

2) if freedom gives you the opportunity to go out whenever, wherever, will you go to the right places?

3) if freedom allows you to befriend anyone, will you be with the right companion?

4) if freedom give you the chance to dress however you wanted, will it be appropriate as how Islam had taught you?

5) if not because of your dear parents who stops you from doing something, will you be able to stop yourself from crossing the boundaries set by Islam?

6) if freedom brings you away from Allah, are you sure you want freedom?

Freedom is what all or most teenagers want, and they’ll be mad, angry and rebellious if it is not given. Living in a world with all the freedom you ever want, away from any advice, far from any prohibition and reprimands from parents. Can you be human?

But despite saying that, sometimes a little freedom is also needed to give the teenager’s space to lead their own lives. If it is not given at all, we teenagers might rebel, right?

So lesson is, a little freedom is needed, but too much of it could harm us or worse, destroy us. No matter how grown up you think you are, we still need guidance.

With that I end my speech with Wabillahittaufiiqwalhidayah, wassalamu’alaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakaatuh.

I still think the conclusion is weak and i don’t know. Just lack of.


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