Perhaps you forgt that at any place
She usually ended up hiding her face
And suddenly needed to increase her pace
Because some are just attracted by whats on the surface

Well…you obviously tensed up
And the change in your attitude so abrupt
You make the whole outing become so messed up
She needed to calm you down as you almost blew up

But then back home you posted a picture of you two together
With no restrictions whatsoever
And if you only accept guys as your friends in facebook
Then i guess most of them have the chance to…look?

This is not to think bad of your peers
But isnt it you too who ‘accidentally’ take a second look at her
It amazes me tht you are actually proud that alot of people like the picture
You said: “they just like the picture” my question is “are you sure?”

We agree the face is not obligatory to cover
But can i have a show of hands saying that someone agree with me on this matter?
I am not putting any ruling on this issue
I am just asking, does this makes sense to you?

Doesn’t staring by any means and whoever mean the same thing?
Someone is staring at your wife, you ought to say nothing?
Is there something wrong with you?
Or this is just something i must revalue?

Perhaps i am over analyzing the situation
A mere manifestation of what i feel needed to be done
Also maybe a desperate call to my sisters in my deen
Perhaps there should be a screen in between

How could i not think it this way
When guys dare stare when noticed anyway
Despite the fact that you saw them straight in the face
Despite knowing that the angels is taking down that gaze

Or perhaps you want to blame it on her
And say “you know there is this thing called niqab, my dear”
Now that is another topic altogether
But anyways you know that is not obligatory on her

Perhaps a note to my future husband;)


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