Have you not stop and see

To the stars, moons and the vast open seas

And then in His greatness how could you not believe?

And upon your condition now how could you not grieve?


Nadrah Naim

“Awak rindu mak abah awak?

“Kiteorang tak pernah tengok muke die orang pun kan. Keluar dari rumah anak yatim tu tup-tup kerje…Tak kenal pun. Rindu lah jugak. Pelik kn?…tak pernah jumpe tapi rindu…

“Awak….awak jangan nangis lah…awak sedih tak dapat jumpe mak abah awak?

“Uh..especially mak kan…

“Tk pelik sebenarnye…fitrah kan…kite sayang mak kite… Tu baru yang melahirkan. Hebat lagi pade Pencipta. Awaak… Tak masuk syurga tak dapat tengok Dia tau….


Bits and Pieces

Some lines that never got into a proper poem. Or it is just meant to be…

*Trying to mend my ways
But I dont know what is straight*

*I spend as if the money is my dad’s
Or as if money grows on trees*

*Holding my tounge as to hide the real me
And one trip is all it takes to uncover this facade*

*Explain to me your logic
It does not make any logical sense to me*

*Hold captive by my own thoughts
These voices are so loud
Silently engraving scars to my heart
As if hypnotised, i obeyed*