Summarization: I had a dream in which a dead body was asked about its prayer. The answer given was what it gave in this world “Five minutes. Five Minutes”

I hope this dream i had
Will change something in this heart
There could be a lesson here
To be ponder upon

I was together with a few others
Wrapping something with a white cloth as if doing kufn
It was not still though
It wrestles with us as if not wanting to be covered

With the instructions of someone
We listened and finally the kufn was done

I stared at it wondering what is inside
It looks like a rectangular box just now
But now it is as if a body of a small frame person
The bottom covered with a small pool of blood

We were about to leave the ‘dead body’
But the one instructing us just now gestured us to wait
As if to witness what will happen to it
And to make us to take back home something from it

It was asked about solaah
The pillar of our diin
The prayer that is obliged by muslims
Five times a day, everyday

The answer to it?
I heard as if a recording player was played
With some noisy background
The mayyit responded : “Five Minutes. Five Minutes!”

Suddenly in a blink of an eye
It got Extinguised?! Evaporated!? Poof!?
I do not know!
Oh what just happened to the mayyit?!

Ya Rahmaan do not make me
A disobedient servant to you
Someone who ignores the call of the prayer
Or perhaps delays it to later

Ya Rabbii 
Grant me goodness in this world
And goodness in the hereafter
And save me from the chastisement of the fire


Allahumma Aamiin

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