Must You Go that Far?

Must you go that far?

Everytime I ask this I remember a story of a great scholar
He was Imam As-Syafie, no other
He was travelling from one country to another
Searching for ilm that he desires

His life as if a living hadith that states that each of us is only a traveller,
Dunya only as a means to get us to the hereafter
The point of this story that i remember
Is the relationship of a son and a mother

Was he stopped by her?
Prevented by her?
To go far away for not months but years?
Nope, neither.

But instead, upon his departure
He got a pair of socks from his mother
Sewn by her delicate hands with love so tender
And soon after, with her blessing and dua he left her

Knowing the potential of this son of hers
And understanding one of the responsibilities of a true believer
To study and to become a preacher
If not to the world at large then at least to the family members

We are to call towards Islam, to become Allah’s worshipper
And to not associate Him with any partners
And we are to remind muslim to have taqwa of our Creator
And the knowledge that we have is to share it so we will together be safe in the hereafter

And now do you not see and wonder
What this action of his mother(giving permission for him to go) had made him to become in the future?

Al-Umm and fiqh manhaj are books, As-Syafie was its author
These are just a few which people still use even generations after

Because he was by thousands admired
His life story was written down and it made me a captivator
Towards his akhlaq i am a lover
His hafalan was flawless that was left for people to wonder
He was not towards the Quran, only just a memorizer
But he acts upon each word as a faithful believer

And i hope for you my dear…
That maybe you could be like him in the future
That whatever knowlegde that today you are after
Will be beneficial to someone that will come later

I wished you would just stay here
But yes ok ok i know i dont live in a world of ‘happily ever after’
Instead, i should be happy as Allah had made the road to Jannah easier 
Because you are one of those who are towards knowledge, a seeker

And in following the footstep of his mother
InsyaAllah never do i forget to make dua to my best friend forever

May Allah bless this journey of yours
May He ease your way through this unpredictable course
InsyaAllah we will meet again sooner or later
If not in dunya, insyaAllah in Jannah, in the hereafter


Dedicated to all of my friends that are entering universities overseas

Make dua for each other okay:D
Fii hifzhillah<3



Summarization: I had a dream in which a dead body was asked about its prayer. The answer given was what it gave in this world “Five minutes. Five Minutes”

I hope this dream i had
Will change something in this heart
There could be a lesson here
To be ponder upon

I was together with a few others
Wrapping something with a white cloth as if doing kufn
It was not still though
It wrestles with us as if not wanting to be covered

With the instructions of someone
We listened and finally the kufn was done

I stared at it wondering what is inside
It looks like a rectangular box just now
But now it is as if a body of a small frame person
The bottom covered with a small pool of blood

We were about to leave the ‘dead body’
But the one instructing us just now gestured us to wait
As if to witness what will happen to it
And to make us to take back home something from it

It was asked about solaah
The pillar of our diin
The prayer that is obliged by muslims
Five times a day, everyday

The answer to it?
I heard as if a recording player was played
With some noisy background
The mayyit responded : “Five Minutes. Five Minutes!”

Suddenly in a blink of an eye
It got Extinguised?! Evaporated!? Poof!?
I do not know!
Oh what just happened to the mayyit?!

Ya Rahmaan do not make me
A disobedient servant to you
Someone who ignores the call of the prayer
Or perhaps delays it to later

Ya Rabbii 
Grant me goodness in this world
And goodness in the hereafter
And save me from the chastisement of the fire


Allahumma Aamiin


Cause Friends Stick Together <3

Don’t blame me
It is not totally my fault
You have the chance to go
But yet you stayed

Go as you please
While the opportunity is there
Cause i do not want us to be so attached And then blaming me for all the annoying sounds

It is because i care
And that i do not want you to be irritated
Cause i am hard to go by with
Cause i am difficult to talk with

I always nudge you at all the weird timings
Calling you and all i have to say is ‘Hi!’
We will start to laugh at this action of mine
Followed by only my voice and the giggling of ours

But then again…
I do not want us to repeat history
Separated by awkwardness and silence
While knowing deep inside we still cared

And so i take back my words
And i pray that i will behave
And i will try
And hopefully this time, it last




If reflection shows my true self
I might look like an ugly being
With warts all over
Creepy crawlies popping out of my pores

I look so bad,
That mothers refer me as ‘The Monster’ to their children
Saying ‘It will come to you if you are naughty’
Saying ‘It will eat you up alive if you do not listen to me’

If only mirrors reflect the condition of my heart
If only my apprearance changes based on my deeds
Will only then that I will make changes in my life?
To try to restrain my desires as to please my Lord?

When you transfer bottled-up feelings to words. What do you call this? Poem? Naah I call it My 10 minutes rant.