1) Arabic wording does not equal to halal

I was asking someone whether the ice cream is halal.

She look through the food item packaging and showed me an arabic text while making a sound that implied it is halal.

I looked at it and was like =_=”

The arabic text basically means ‘Not for individual sale’.

Arabic is a language. When I was in amsterdam, it is almost regarded as tamil in Singapore. You know the signs in Singapore has 4 languages; English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Some of the signs in Amsterdam also has 4 languages and last one being Arabic.

I find it interesting and weird because…..Ok I am also those people who associate Arabic with Islam. Because well the Quran is in arabic and it is the language of my beloved Prophet peace be upon him.

2) Chinese wording does not mean it is not halal

I was going to buy chickens at a supermarket.

When I was looking through the packaging I almost did not look at the one with chinese wordings on it. But anyway I just went to take a look at it when I realised the wordings basically means ‘It is checked by an islamic instituition’. Pardon me, I cannot remember that well. And only then I saw the word ‘Halal’.

I forgot even in History of Islam. China was one of the country mentioned to have been reached by the muslims. It was not the muslim countries like Malaysia or Indonesia that was reached first. It was China.


It is funny how we associate language with a culture or religion or certain things. Or even associate a race with a religion.

Like all Arabs are muslim. Terrorists is equal to muslims. Do you know Peace is embedded even at the word ‘Islam’ itself?

Or in Singapore, all malay are muslims and all muslims are malay. Who told you that people? Islam is for all.

And with this attitude of ours to associate things. It is easier to be influenced by the media. If you know what I mean.

Thinking about this, I realised I am part of this mess. Boo.


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