She is awake now. Staring straight at the plain dull ceiling of the ward. I approached her, smiling. Her gaze did not move. Her mother caress her forehead, pushing up her dark brown hair and kissed it, quietly thanking God for her counsciousness from the deep coma.

“Hey, what are you thinking?” her mother asked, she seemed her usual quiet self.

“Ummi, i remember the verse in the holy Quran”, she answered. Words started to flow from her mouth. She talked about the verses where the devil disobeys Allah by not wanting to prostrate upon prophet Adam (‘alaihissalam) in heaven when commanded. How the devil thinks he is of a more superior being. And that had made him to be sent down to earth.

She continues whats on her mind. ” Ummi, so if the devil does not want to make one sujud because of superiority over Adam as, so what make us not to make sujud to Allah swt?”

“but you pray and you do prostrate to Allah swt…”

“physically…physically… But spiritually?”

The flow suddenly got clogged, trying to remain calm, she can’t. She is too scared.


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