I used to be normal. Like an average human being.

I walked. And i walked. I ran. Towards my goal.

My luck. I fell.

QaddaraAllah. MaasyaAllah.

Got up. I got a cut.

I stood up.

I looked at the scar the cut had left me with.

I am scared. Afraid of falling.

I procrastinated.

I paused and look around the people passing me. Envy envelopes.

I said: “I need to observe the road. I need time”

Oh how long have i been here.

“I am trying”

They say mistakes indicate that you’re trying. You are not making a mistake.

Took baby steps.

I walked. And i walked. Slowly now.

I jogged.

I ran.

I fell.

QaddaraAllah. MaasyaAllah.

I stayed there. I cried. Refused to get up.

The sight of my goal diminishes.

Hanging on to a thin thread of hope.

Tears dried up. I got up.

I tried. I knew i tried hard. Brave.

I am walking now. Slowly.

And i am still walking.



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