My First Children’s Book

Title: The Star
Editted and Illustrated by: Farreha Jalil

Up high above the sky, where all the planets live, is the solar system. The solar system consists of ten planets and the sun. [illustration of the whole solar system]

In the middle of it, is where the huge bright orange Madam Sun lives. Everyone in the galaxy can see her, even from afar. And everyone respect Madam Sun as she is the biggest in that solar system. [illustration of a sun]

Around her, live all the other planets…There is Mister Mercury, Mister Venus, Mister Earth, Mister Mars, Miss Jupiter, Miss Saturn, Miss Uranus, Mister Neptune, Little Pluto and not to forget Star. All of the planets drift around the sun in an orbit. [illustration of the planet characters]

All the planets are round except for Star. Star is five-pointed. She was furthest away from everyone else and she is nearest to Little Pluto. [illustration of star]

Star was sad because she thinks she is very different from others as she is not round but pointed. Star is always hurt with what Little Pluto says to her, “Hello funny looking planet. You look weird. You do not belong with us. I do not like you.” [illustration of crying star]


But as Star knew that Little Pluto was still young and was still very tiny, she just ignored him and continues to drift away. But deep in her heart, she wished to become round like everybody else and she would also love to become bright like Madam Sun as she thinks it is beautiful to be as bright as Madam Sun and to be able to seen from afar. [illustration of star walking away]

As every planet know, Madam Sun will usually burst out small flaming rocks from itself every few years to send some heat to the faraway parts of the Solar System as to not freeze the area. But nobody knew the exact timing. [illustration of madam sun]

It is important for every planet to know when this will happen because the flaming rocks are so fast as lighting and it is very hot. All the planets must make way for them or else the flaming rocks might hit them and caused them to break apart. [illustration of flaming rocks]

The only way they will know when this happens, is when Madam Sun passed the message to Mister Mercury, since it is the nearest to the sun. [illustration  of madam sun whispering to mister mercury]

Then Mister Mercury will pass it to the planet next to him, which is Mister Venus.
Then Mister Venus will pass it to the planet next to him, which is Mister Earth.
And the message will be pass on from one planet to another until it reaches Star. [illustration of planets in a straight line]


One day, when Madam Sun was about to burst out the flaming rocks, she informed Mister Mercury.
Then Mister Mercury passes it to Mister Venus.
Then Mister Venus passes it to Mister Earth.
And the message is passed on and on from one planet to another until it reaches Little Pluto. [illustration of madan sun]

On that day, Little Pluto decided to not tell Star. “I would not tell Star about this. I do not like her. She does not belong to us. She is pointed and all the rest of us are round.” [illustration of pluto]

And when all the planets come to a stop to make way for the flaming rocks from Madam Sun, Star was still drifting along the orbit. [illustration of star]

Madam Sun suddenly burst out the flaming rocks. It zooms across the planets as fast as lightning. And then suddenly “BOOM!” one of the flaming rocks hits Star. [illustration of star getting hit]

Star breaks apart into millions of tiny pieces and now little bits and pieces of Star can be found all over the Solar System. Star suddenly found herself beside Madam Sun. [illustration of star beside madam sun]

Madam Sun said to him ”Star! Do you not know I was bursting out the flaming rocks? Little Pluto did not tell you?”
Star answered, “Nobody told me!” [illustration of their conversation]


Madam Sun commanded why Little Pluto did not tell Star.
And so Mister Mercury asked Mister Venus.
Then Mister Venus asked Mister Earth. [same illustration as the passing message]

And the question is passed on and on from one planet to another until it reaches Mister Neptune. When Mister Neptune was about to ask Little Pluto, he found him crying. [illustration of pluto crying]

Mister Neptune said to Little Pluto “You have been bad, why did you do not tell Star?” Little Pluto said in tears “I am sorry! I do not like Star as she was different. We are round and she is pointed! But I know my mistake. I saw what happened to her. I am very sorry.” [illustration of pluto]

Mister Neptune then passes the answer until it reaches back to Madam Sun.
Madam Sun was so angry that as a punishment, little Pluto must leave the solar system and go into other galaxies. [illustration of madam sun]

And so Little Pluto was not allowed to be in the solar system anymore. And since Star and Little Pluto is not in their orbit, that is why the solar system now consists of only eight planets and the sun. [illustration of overview of updated solar system]

Even though Star is now broken into tiny millions bit and pieces, she is happy as she is now round and not pointed. And because the flaming rocks had hit her, the flame had got onto all parts of her. She is not bright as madam Sun because the flame was not strong enough. But as a result, she can give off light once every few seconds and this is what make stars in the sky sparkle. [illustration overview of a starlight sky]

She is now very happy because her wishes came true. [close up of a starlight sky] 

Note: Fiction
This is an assignment for my cross disciplinary studies, Creative Writing. Not to publish/sale.



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