A Conversation With Them

It breaks my heart to see me suffer
In the hands of the one that might go against me in the hereafter

Dear eyes tongue and ears
You dare go against your creator
And then you want to bring me with you, together?
Ouh how dare you traitor

I said “Ittaqullah ittaqullah!
Dont run around as if you have time to make taubah”
But my advices and warnings you ignored countless of times
And without fear, you continued, anyway, with your crimes

“Hey fool”, you said,
“We are by you, controlled
Your heart is rusty
And then you want to deem us as nasty?

Caused by that filthy heart
It is by your desires we submit
So hard, like concrete
So dont blame us if when our answer will be ‘yes she/he did it”

Dear ears tongue n eyes
Listen to me, your care taker
You are His slaves
Obey your master


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